Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are here to help prospective students learn about the MHA program at the University of Washington. They have a wide variety of experience and interest! If you are interested in connecting with a student ambassador, please email our marketing and student recruitment specialist, Christine Fleming, at

Brittany Baldwin

Class of 2020 — 1st-year MHA student

Baldwin_Brittany-(2).jpg Hello! My name is Brittany Baldwin, and I’m currently a 1st-year student in the UW MHA program. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in care, health and society. While volunteering for my local senior center, I found my passion for health care. I interned with a hospice organization, then worked for an assisted living facility for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. I saw many improvements I wanted to make, including patient safety and quality of care. I joined the MHA program in order to learn how to make those improvements. It’s my goal to become a leader in the health-care industry and be in a position to create positive change. Coming from the state in California, I would love to share my experiences with anyone deciding to make the move from out of state -- or anyone else interested in this amazing program!

Dylan Blackburn

Class of 2019 ­ — 2nd-year MHA student

Blackburn_Dylan.jpgI’ve wanted to be in health care since the age of seven. My path to the University of Washington has been full of variety. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I double majored in molecular and cellular biology and integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and I intended to become a physician. Unfortunately, or fortunately, that wasn’t meant to be and I landed at the University of Washington to pursue a master of health administration. I chose to come here because of the access the university has to health care. Seattle has some amazing health care organizations whose leaders have strong ties to the University and want to see all of us succeed. Beyond that, this degree provides me the opportunity to pursue my true passion: helping people. As an administrator I’ll be able to make the lives of the people in the communities I serve better. Go Dawgs!

Jordan Graham

Class of 2019 — 2nd-year MHA student

Graham_Jordan.jpgPrior to joining the MHA program, I got my undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology from the University of Washington. I started working at Seattle Children’s Hospital in its ambulatory surgery center in Bellevue. I worked there for two years before transitioning to a more clinical role as a pediatric mental health specialist in its outpatient psychiatry clinic. In that role, I was able to learn more about health care administration as a front-line staff member who had to deal with barriers to care that patients experienced. My role was partly administrative, as I was able to work on projects with our clinical and administrative leaders to solve problems that came up in our daily work.

I decided to pursue an MHA because I knew I needed business tools and fundamentals to move into a leadership role within a health care organization. Coming from a social science background, I knew I needed to close gaps in my knowledge such as finance, economics and informatics. Additionally, I knew the UW MHA would give me the opportunity to further develop my leadership and management skills, while continuing to explore my interests in health policy, advocacy and population health.

Eve Hansen

Class of 2019 — 2nd-year MHA student

Hansen_Eve.jpgHello! My name is Eve and I’m a 2nd-year UW MHA candidate. I graduated from the UW in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in public health. I decided I was ready to apply what I learned in school to the workplace, so I moved back to my native Wenatchee, where I joined a small community nonprofit organization. I first worked for the Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA), counseling Medicare-eligible clients on all of their Medicare insurance options to ensure that they were enrolling in the plan that best fit their needs. Three months later I transitioned to the Washington State Health Homes team, where I worked as program support handling administrative duties. The Health Homes program is a care coordination program that serves the highest utilizers of the health care system. It was in that role that I learned just how fragmented our health care system is, which led me to apply to the UW MHA program.

The curriculum is project-based, exposing the students to a variety of health care organizations throughout the Puget Sound region. There are also many work and volunteer opportunities outside of the classroom that act as great supplements to the coursework. Through the projects I’ve completed for various health care organizations, along with the volunteer assignments I’ve been a part of, I’ll be concluding my time in the MHA program feeling confident and competent to begin my professional career, engaging in work that is meaningful to me.

Sam Holten

Class of 2020 — 1st-year MHA student

Holten_Samantha.jpgWhile I’m originally from the Midwest, I’ve called Seattle home for over three years. After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I moved to Seattle and worked for a local community health center in process improvement. While working, I saw the challenges that patients face every day to access care and how inefficient the overall system can be. I decided that a master’s degree in health administration would help me make a bigger impact in the health care industry. I was fortunate to meet many UW MHA alumni and was inspired by their effective and thoughtful leadership styles. Additionally, I loved that the UW MHA program is team-based and taught by faculty with valuable real-world experience. I know I’m becoming a better leader day by day and will be ready to help tackle the problems in health care after graduation.

Hallie Lebon

Class of 2020 —1st-year MHA student

Lebon_Hallie.jpgHello! I am pursuing my MHA degree at the University of Washington because I wanted to further my development as a leader in a field that I am passionate about. After working in the health care field for three years, I decided I wanted to learn more about how the system operates and what it takes to manage given all the current issues facing health care. I knew the decision to continue my education at a graduate level would allow me to gain insights and knowledge that would be beneficial in my chosen career path. The MHA program here at UW is highly ranked, has a wonderful community and is a great environment in which to grow. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from faculty who have real-world experience and getting to work with wonderful, like-minded classmates.

Patrick Lee

Class of 2020 — 1st-year MHA student

Lee_Patrick.jpgI was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and raised in Fort Myers. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in public health and a minor in business administration. My past experience working in health insurance research at the University of Florida has encouraged my passion for improving the health care industry. I am interested in health policy, quality and insurance. Moving to the Pacific Northwest and escaping humidity, I am eager to learn the different approaches to health care in the United States. In my spare time I love shopping at discount prices, camping and going to the gym.

Tori Maslennikova

Class of 2020 — 1st-year MHA student

Maslennikova_Tori.jpgHi there! My name is Tori and I’m so excited to be part of the student ambassador program for the MHA program at the UW. A little bit about me is that I’m from Longview, Washington, and I transferred to the University of Washington from a small community college. Once at the UW, I studied psychology and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 2018. Then I took a year off of school while I explored my interests and discovered how curious I was about going into the field of health care administration. Primarily, I chose to pursue an MHA degree because it incorporates two fields that I have always been really interested in: business and health care.

I’m currently a 1st-year MHA student, where I’m learning more than ever about all of the awesome areas of focus within the field. My goal for the program is to further the leadership and communication skills that will one day help me become a CEO. Outside of school I really enjoy exploring Seattle and anything related to food.

Jenessa McElrath

Class of 2019 — 2nd-year MHA student

McElrath_Jenessa-(1).jpgI am a 2nd-year student in the UW MHA program. My skillset and talents lie in my organization, problem solving and leadership skills, all of which have been improved upon during my time in the program. Before entering into my graduate studies, I spent two years as a European resident, which helped shape my dreams of working in the United States health care system and combining European models of affordability with American quality.

Originally from eastern Washington, I have really loved my time spent in graduate school close to an exciting city. Seattle has been the perfect complement for both my professional and my personal development. I am looking forward to moving next year to Chapel Hill, North Carolinia, to serve as the administrative fellow at UNC Health Care. My interests outside of school and work include spending time with friends, traveling and exploring nearby cities, and nature around Seattle!

Joann Munn

Class of 2020 — 1st-year MHA student

Mun_Joann.jpgAlthough I was intending to pursue medical school following my undergraduate education, I began a leadership position during a clinical internship at Swedish Medical Center and realized that I really enjoyed learning about how nurse managers and administrative staff ran their units and the hospital as a whole. I became curious about the ways to impact patients on a larger scale without necessarily providing direct clinical care. Shortly after, I got connected with a current student of the UW MHA program and I began to research positions in health care that were more on the administrative side. I was amazed at how leaders and managers in the field were such integral components of a health care delivery system and I thought the career path would be a great fit for me! 

I could sense the strong camaraderie among the 1st- and 2nd-year students and a culture of excellence from the faculty and program leaders the UW MHA program at Visit Day. It felt like a place where I would constantly be growing personally and professionally, learning interpersonal and leadership skills and delving into the dynamic field of health care. I was also drawn to the idea that the program equips you with the necessary skills to succeed by placing emphasis on challenging and setting goals for yourself. Similar to how the UW program shapes future health care professionals, I think it encourages students in turn to boldly make a positive impact on the program and in health care.

Currently, I’m interested in seeing how the operations of various health care organizations, such as at a large hospital organization or a community health center, affect both the quality of and access to services to patients. I’m also interested in learning more about how to improve health outcomes and care experiences, as well as in determining how patients are being affected by social determinants of health. In addition, I’m passionate about spreading education and knowledge about how to promote health equity in diverse and medically underserved communities and empowering individuals to feel like they are able to make changes in the services and care they receive.

Navind Oodit

Class of 2019 — 2nd-year MHA student

Oodit_Navind.jpgFrom a young age, I knew I wanted a career in health care. I studied biology at Brown University for my undergraduate studies because I wanted to garner a further understanding of how all living organisms lived and interacted with one another. I always had a fascination with medications and the way in which they acted on the body, which led me to pursue a doctor of pharmacy degree from the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I enjoyed counseling patients on drug regimens and making recommendations for other health care providers. I worked in the U Street Corridor of Washington, D.C., and, when I started, the patient population that I served was very diverse. Most of the patients were socially and economically disadvantaged; many fought for survival on a daily basis. Many patients were enrolled in government-run insurances such as Medicaid and Medicare. During my years in practice, I witnessed many of my patients receive incomplete medical treatment due to high costs of medications and treatments or services not being offered due to insurance restrictions. My decision to become a health administrator stems from my experiences as a pharmacist. My ultimate goal is to learn the best methods for ensuring that patients receive the best and most complete health care outcomes possible.

Niki Petroff

Class of 2019 — 2nd-year MHA student

Petroff_Nicole.jpgI began my career in health care as a population health consultant for Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri. As a double major in music and communications, I was nervous about taking a job in health care IT, but I found that building and maintaining relationships was the critical key to success. I traveled around the country, implementing electronic medical record (EMR) solutions targeted at acute conditions such as sepsis and blood clots. I knew I’d found a passion for the health care industry and was ready to widen my scope beyond EMR implementation, which is why I decided to pursue an MHA at the University of Washington. I was impressed with the expertise of the faculty as well as the thoughtfulness of the curriculum – the UW MHA is actually the only program I applied to. I knew if I wanted to pursue an advanced degree that I wanted it to be here. Since beginning the program, I’ve developed a deep interest in strategy, and I’ve been afforded fantastic opportunities to pursue that interest, representing the program in case competitions, developing strategic initiatives for local organizations for class assignments, and interning for the Kaiser Permanente National Delivery System Strategy, Planning and Design team in Oakland, California, this past summer. After graduation in June, I will be joining ECG Management Consultants in Seattle as a senior consultant in their Strategy and Business Advisory division. I am eternally grateful to my mentors within the program, the alumni network, and most of all my fellow classmates for a fantastic graduate experience thus far. Go Huskies!