Concurrent Degrees

Note: The concurrent degree programs are currently undergoing revision. Contact the MHA program office at to inquire about specific degrees.

The UW MHA program offers four concurrent degree programs. These programs enable you to pursue the MHA degree and another graduate degree simultaneously, often allowing you to complete the two degrees in less time than it would take to earn them separately. The concurrent degree options are:

Applying to a Concurrent Degree Program

To apply for a concurrent degree program, you must apply separately to each program and be admitted to both. Some required materials (such as transcripts or test scores) may be used for both applications.

When preparing your MHA application, please indicate the concurrent degree program you are applying for on the supplemental program application form.

Most students submit application materials for the concurrent program at the same time as their MHA application materials. However, if you are already enrolled in a J.D., M.D., MBA or MPA program at the UW and wish to pursue a concurrent MHA, please contact the MHA program office at for guidance.


The MHA/J.D. concurrent degree program offers students the opportunity to combine in-depth training in health administration and law, preparing students to work in positions requiring a thorough understanding of both. With this joint degree, graduates can move more directly into administrative positions in government agencies and health care entities such as hospitals, health plans and health service organizations.

For details about program requirements, see the Center for Law in Science and Global Health's J.D./MHA page.

Typical Length: 5 years

When to Apply: Flexible. Students often choose to apply to the MHA program when their law school course load is less strenuous. Apply to the MHA program the fall quarter prior to your desired enrollment (MHA cohorts always begin in fall quarter).

For more information, contact:
Center for Law in Science and Global Health


The MHA/M.D. concurrent degree program provides UW medical students with a unique opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in the areas of management, leadership and policy. You can expect to use your degrees to take on roles such as manager of a clinical department within a health care organization, medical director of a public program such as Medicaid, policy adviser to a clinical or professional organization, or consultant.

For information on the MHA/M.D. course requirements, contact

Typical Length: 5 years

Most M.D. students enter the MHA program after their third year of medical school, beginning in summer quarter.

When to Apply: Students should apply to the MHA program the fall prior to the summer they intend to begin coursework.

For more information, contact:
UW School of Medicine Admissions


The MHA/MBA concurrent degree program is designed to build on the content areas shared by the business and health administration disciplines. Students take courses from both the Department of Health Services and the Foster School of Business.

Typical Length: 3 years

Most students do their MBA coursework their first and second years. In year two, they start taking MHA classes and participate in the required MHA summer internship. They finish their remaining MHA coursework in year three.

When to Apply: Most people apply to the MHA and MBA programs at the same time – the year prior to their desired enrollment.

For information about admission to the MBA program, contact: 
Foster MBA Admissions


The MHA/MPA concurrent degree program serves students interested in pursuing careers in the health care industry that focus on management and policy issues relating to public and nonprofit organizations.

Students take courses from both the Department of Health Services and the Evans School of Public Affairs.

Typical Length: 3 years

When to Apply: Most people apply to the MHA and MPA programs at the same time – the year prior to their desired enrollment.

For information about admission to the MPA program, visit the Evans School concurrent degrees application page or contact:
Evans School of Public Affairs