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Under the direction of UW president, the Department of Health Services has restricted operations. If you have questions about your application or anything else, please reach out to us at MHA faculty and staff are currently working remotely but we will respond as soon as we are able to.


Sarah Cave

Director, MHA Programs | 206-221-5251

Anna Frazer

Associate Director, Operations
Anna oversees inquiries on program policies, admissions process and outcomes, staffing, program operations and finances. | 206-685-8075

Joel Felix

Associate Director, Curriculum Management
Joel works with faculty members on curriculum development, teaching methods and technologies, and outcomes assessment. | 206-221-8277

Christine Fleming

Marketing and Student Recruitment Specialist 
Christine is involved in student recruitment, program marketing and communications, program events and activities, and alumni relations. | 206-543-4075

Kayla Johnson

Program Coordinator
Kayla supports the program’s admissions and administrative processes, including providing registration forms to students, processing admissions applications and course preparation. | 206-543-8778

Erica Ratner

Professional Development Specialist
Erica works with current students by providing them with professional development opportunities, internship placements and future career guidance. | 206-616-2978